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Michael Voskoboinikov

Я там в ру_фэш в свое время насчет nordic feis спрашивал

На форуме, оказывается, есть замечательная переписка, отвечающая на все вопросы :)

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I'm from Russian Irish Dance School (www.triskal.ru) and I'd like participate in Nordic Fies. Is Russian Federation a Nordic Country?
Some cities in Russia is a very Nordic (for example Murmansk)

What we could do to participate in Nordic Fies? Help us please.

Thank you!

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Well, Russia is not part of the Nordic countries , but we welcome people from outside our countries too to the Nordic Feis. However, to participate you must fulfil certain requirements. See below:

To participate in the Nordic Feis of Irish Dancing you must be/become a member of the Nordic Society of Irish Dancers. Non-members are however welcome to the beginners workshop and as competition spectators.

The competitions are open to participants:
- within the Nordic countries belonging to non-registered teachers, teachers registered with CLRG & to An Comdhail.
- from outside the Nordic countries belonging to teachers registered with CLRG.

Participants from outside the Nordic countries with teachers which are not registered with CLRG will hence not be allowed to take part in the competitions.

If you wish to compete you must dance for a TCRG from CLRG according to the above. If you do not you could contact The Irish Dancing Commission www.clrg.ie and ask for permission to enter, but I do not know if they will grant it. The other activities, workshop etc are open to anyone as long as he/she is a member of the NSID.

Yvonne Rosenlund Swerke
Nordic Society of Irish Dancers

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