Michael Voskoboinikov (meriadoc_1171) wrote,
Michael Voskoboinikov

"Королева в восхищении"


CIRCASSIAN CIRCLE (R32) Round the Room Dance 2 facing 2 RSCDS 1
1- 8 All dance R&L
9-16 All set to partner twice & turn 2H
17-24 All dance Ladies chain
25-32 All dance Poussette to change places & progress to face next couple


The Circassian Circle
Formation: Large circle round the room, ladies on the right of their partner.
Music: 32 bar Reels.

1-4: Hands joined in a circle, all advance for four steps, retire for four steps.
5-8: Repeat.
9-12: Drop hands, ladies advance and retire.
13-16: Men advance, turn round and walk out to the next lady CW (the one who was on their left; the one who is now to the right of their partner as they view).
17-24: All spin with new partners
25-32: Hands crossed in front (right to right and left to left), ladies on the outside, promenade ACW around the room.

Я люблю шотландцев! :)

upd, если кто не понял восхищения. Сравните первый танец и второй :)

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