December 18th, 2006



Circassian Circle

The Circassian Circle becoming popular in the 1860's was a very sociable dance based on popular figures of the Quadrilles - usually the first figure of the First Set or the Caledonians, arranged in progressive Sicilian formation. It remained on Australian programs into the early 20th century.

As with the term plain, it has become necessary to refer to the Circassian Circle as part 1 to distinguish from the later big circle introduced as part 2 in English Folk Dance. Part 2 is possibly an adaptation of the last figure of the First Set which was sometimes known as "Circassian figure" and as the Stockyards in a simpler form in Australia.

А остальные интересные выдержки уже лежат в комьюнити scottishdance.

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На самом деле, Бал на Блинкоме и отчасти концерт вчерашний в "Арктике" примерно соответствовали тому впечатлению, которое у меня сложилось о "Шалтае" и тогдашних временах. Я вот, увы, таким не увлекался, но может, кто скажет - было похоже, или было иначе?