June 8th, 2006


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Данн в новостях пишет:

Am checking in before I head to the States for the masterclass tour. It's been a while. Russia was fantastic. I think I must have been Russian in a former life. I hope any of you who are Russian don't take offence to this, but I find the Russians in general quite economical with their manners and pleasantries (not those of you in class mind), and so I too can feel like I can be myself without having to apologise for it. If I could only speak more of the lingo (I have learnt the alphabet). St Petersburg is strangely beautiful, and I have been encourageing everybody to go. If you happen to be in Moscow beforehand, be sure to get the sleeper train between the two. Its quite a trip! I have to say the dancers in Russia are really quite something too. They're dedicated and are improving everytime I go there. I think they'll be winning World Championships (if thats what they want to do) in another ten years time. Watch out!