Michael Voskoboinikov (meriadoc_1171) wrote,
Michael Voskoboinikov

Дружно построились и зашагали!

Спасибо Асе Демченко за пинок Мэри.

When a feis has a dance named Traditional Competition, in the rules it states that you have a choice of any of the traditionals to dance. If you dance ST Patricks Day for example and win in the top 3 places and there are enough competitors for you to move on. You place out of all traditionals at beginner and primary level. This means that you can only dance your traditionals at Intermediate and Open levels. At most feiseanna there are only Beginner Primary level which really is Primary level but some beginners take part. The intermediate / Open level is for anyone who has placed out of the beginner Primary level.

In the case of the Primary Trophy competition you place out of the dance you danced on the day. The stage stewards should have the list and if not it is up to the dancer to tell their teacher which dance it was they danced and won so we can notify the feis secretary like Catherine or in the case of Russia we believe that Therese Rooney has taken this position.

I hope this helps explain this ruling. Please pass this information onto all Sweeney McAvinchey members. Good luck for the next feis,

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