Michael Voskoboinikov (meriadoc_1171) wrote,
Michael Voskoboinikov

Особенности национального бронирования

«Hello Anna,
we have 2 other small studios (ref. #### and ####) in the same area, about 150m far from the studio you rented.
Both are rented by russian dancers! Mike Voskoboynikov has reserved for 2 pairs and will arrive the 18th like you (perhaps the same flight) and Olga Kirillova has reserved the other local for 2, but she’ll arrive 1 day before.
I like very much Irish dances (and celtic music): I hope it will be possible to see you in the competition!»

При этом все трое бронировали абсолютно независимо друг от друга, не сговариваясь :)

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