Michael Voskoboinikov (meriadoc_1171) wrote,
Michael Voskoboinikov

Ирландцы жгут.

Неделю назад 100 бельгийских студентов с мировым скандалом сняли с рейса райана откуда-то с юга по причине тотального перевеса ручной клади и отказа оплатить оный перевес.

Итак, сегодня в эфире..

Ryanair Delivers Online Lesson to Belgian Students

Ryanair, the world’s favourite airline, today (10th Feb) delivered an online tutorial in packing light and called on Belgian universities to add it to their curriculum following the unacceptable and unsafe behaviour of over 100 Belgian students last Saturday in Lanzarote. Ryanair released the YouTube guide to packing, to allow these students avoid embarrassing themselves, and Belgium, further with their refusals to comply with the airline policies and instructions, as they agreed to do at the time of booking.

The YouTube tutorial demonstrates how passengers can pack enough clothes for a two week holiday into one 10 kg carry-on bag. Ryanair called on Belgian universities to introduce tutorials on ‘safety when abroad’, ‘the importance of following safety instructions’ (without spitting at or threatening people) and ‘how to respect hotel rules’ following media reports that these students damaged hotel accommodation while on the Island (see links below).


Ссылка из публикации на почти натурально видео укладывания пласовского штурмовика :)
Уже ощущаю, что теряю я навык, теряю.. :)

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