Michael Voskoboinikov (meriadoc_1171) wrote,
Michael Voskoboinikov

Очередной спам-шедевр под катом. Еще веселее, чем нигерийский.


I'm America soldier currently in Afghanistan, I am with the 2nd Battalion, 502 Infantry / Artillery, 101st Airborne Division in Afghanistan. We hijacked a suspected Van painted black between the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Door gunners sitting behind machine guns in the Black Van tried shooting at our direction but we lunched a combat backup attack on the Black Van with my boys and none of the Taliban survived the attack.

We discovered other currencies including US dollars of about $21 million loaded inside the Black Van with so many types of machine guns. I want to move this money out of this place, before declaring other items in the van to the authority for an operation well done. This place is a war zone which you know with the bombing and insurgents attacking us here, so I will like you to keep my share pending the end of my assignment here in Afghanistan and return back to my country America.

I will take 60% of the total sum, while you take 40% for assisting me to execute this deal. No strings attached, just help me move it out of Afghanistan, as Afghanistan is a war zone. I plan on using SECRET INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMATIC SERVICE DELIVERY COMPANY on shipping the money out in two large silver boxes, using diplomatic immunity with the SECRET INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMATIC SERVICE DELIVERY COMPANY.

If you can help to receive the boxes for me, I will send you the full details. Kindly send me an e-mail signifying your interest including your most confidential telephone/fax numbers for quick communication and your full residential information. This should be a secret and must be a top secret between us as these boxes can be shipped out in 48hrs to you as I wait for your quick respond.


Lt. Col. Peter N. Benchoff.

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