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Там вам не тут.

TG4's hit show returns with a mission to find the best traditional Irish dancers in Ireland.

Starts, Sunday 26th September, 2010, 7.15pm, TG4

Last year An Jig Gig burst onto our screens with dancers of all ages, disciplines and codes, battling it out to become Ireland's best traditional dance act.
In a nail-biting final last December, Irish Beats finally emerged victorious to claim the title of An Jig Gig Champions 2009, triumphing over World Champion Clodagh Roper, Celtic Roots, and The Mark Donnellan Memorial Team.

Now it's time to begin the search for An Gig Jig Champion 2010!

Hosted by Róisín Ní Thomáin, the show will again see hundreds of acts, from all different styles of Irish dance, and all age groups, take to the stage.

Keeping a close eye on all the talented hopefuls are our 3 judges.

Breandán de Gallaí, former lead dancer with Riverdance, and currently dance director of the world famous show, Breandán is used to working with the world's top Irish dancers. He is a hard man to impress and any dancer going on stage in front of him, aiming to be crowned the best Irish dance act in Ireland, better give the performance of their lives!
Dearbhla Lennon, and former lead dancer of Riverdance, has experienced performing at the top level in Irish dance for years. Like Breandán, she is an expert in the field, and will quickly weed out the chancers from the talented dancers.
Labhrás Sonai Choilm Learraí, a champion Sean-nós dancer, and a fanatical supporter of the older styles of Irish dance completes the judging panel. Labhras, a man who knows what he likes, won't be pulling any punches with such a prestigious prize at stake.

All 3 judges are experts in the field of Irish dance, but will they see eye to eye with such a variety of styles on display? Or will the Riverdancers clash with the Sean-nós? Sparks are sure to fly again on An Jig Gig...
With all the incredible traditional dance talent in Ireland, no one can know for sure who will emerge victorious. Only one thing is for certain - one act will be crowned champion and will claim the title of best traditional Irish dance act 2010.

An Jig Gig, series 2, coming to you on TG4 on Sunday 26th September 2010.

Бонус для тех, кто дочитал до конца -

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