Michael Voskoboinikov (meriadoc_1171) wrote,
Michael Voskoboinikov

Вулкан такой вулкан

Цельнотянутое с https://www.cfmu.eurocontrol.int/PUBPORTAL/gateway/spec/index.html

Схема перспектив: http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/aviation/vaac/data/VAG_1271483349.png

Что открыто, что закрыто на сегодня:
Today (17-April) the ash cloud is extending.

Airspaces zero-rated/closed until:
(Aerodromes geographically located within these airspaces will be unavailable):

Austria : 17-1200 UTC
Belgium: 17-1800 UTC
Croatia: 17-1200 UTC
Czech Republic: 17-1000 UTC
Denmark: 17-2359 UTC
Estonia Talinn: 17-2359 UTC
Finland: 18-1200 UTC
France - Brest: 17-1200 UTC
France - Bordeaux: Sectors P and T 17-1200 UTC
France - Paris: 17-1800 UTC
France - Reims: 17-0600 UTC
France -Marseille: Sectors GY and MY 17-1200 UTC
France -Marseille: Sectors W 1+217-1800 UTC
Germany - Bremen: 17-1200 UTC
Germany - Frankfurt: 17-1200 UTC
Germany - Karlsruhe UIR: 17-1200 UTC, Available FL355+
Germany - Langen & Dusseldorf: 17-1200 UTC
Germany - Munich: 17-1200 UTC
Hungary: 17-1700 UTC
Ireland - Shannon: South sectors 17-1200 UTC
Ireland - Dublin: 17-1800 UTC
Italy - Milano - 17-1200 UTC
Italy - Roma (only Upper airspace above Milano (MEW sector))
Italy - Padua: 17-1200 UTC
Maastricht UAC: Available FL355+
Netherlands: 17-1800 UTC
Norway ENBD South: 17-1200 UTC
Poland: 17-1400 UTC
Romania: 17-2100 UTC Romania MOPUG 0300-2100 UTC
Romania BACAU 0300-2100 UTC
Scotland: 17-2359 UTC
Slovac Republic: 17-0600 UTC
Slovenia: 17-0400-18-0000 UTC
Shannon NOTA: 17-1800 UTC
Sweden Stockholm 17-1800 UTC
Sweden Malmo 17-1800 UTC
Swiss Zurich: 17-1800 UTC. Available FL355+
Swiss Geneva: 17-1800 UTC
Ukraine Kiev: 17-1200 UTC
UKBV airspace 17-1200 UTC
United Kingdom: 17-2359 UTC

Please note, these lists are not exhaustive.

please contact the FMP concerned for more information

-Dublin North until 17-0600 UTC
-Norway Bodo North open until at least 17-0600 UTC -Italy, Karlsruhe and Maastricht above FL355

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