Michael Voskoboinikov (meriadoc_1171) wrote,
Michael Voskoboinikov

и-диски - 2

На текущий момент в наличии:

100% Colm Keogh
100% Pure Irish Dance
100% Pure - The Second Step
Anthony Davis - Perfect Timing
Bradley Brothers - Irish Dance World
Christopher McGrory - Dance For The World
Christopher McGory & Orfhlaith ni Bhriain - Lets Dance 2
Christopher McGory & Orfhlaith ni Bhriain - Lets Dance 3
Colin Worley - Ifacably Irish
Dean Crouch - Top Box
Ellery Klein & Ryan Lacey - Kick into the Beat 2009
Ellery Klein & Ryan Lacey - Step into the Beat 2006
Gary Currie - Dance 2000
Gerry Conlon, Seamus O'Sullivan - Practice, practice, practice
Gerry Conlon, Seamus O'Sullivan - Simply Open
Kevin Joyce - The Final Round (2CD)
Liam Bradley & Damian McKee - Irish Dancer
Olive Hurley - Sets & Solos 5
Olive Hurley's Complete Ceili Collection
Pat king - Three Score And Ten
Sean o'Brien - Dance Each Moment
Stephen Walker - Feisworld
Stephen Walker - Feisworld 2
The Gallowglass Ceili Band - Irish Dancing Time
Total Irish Dancing, Vol.1
Two Left Feet - Music for Irish Dancing vol1
William Paterson - Dancers Choice

Формат - mp3 128-256, теги проставлены в соответствии с треклистами, сканы обложек, где нашел, идут в комплекте.

* А также, спасибо sadecheah и slobegirish (еще необработанное):

Majella Collins & Ann Murray - Getting Jiggy with it
Real Rhythm - Kevin Joyce
Christopher McGory & Orfhlaith ni Bhriain - Let's Dance 1
Gary Currie - Up The Steps
Christopher McGrory - One Step Closer СD 1/2
Alan Burns - Rhythmic Vitality
Annmarie Acosta - Over The Bridge
Culkin School - One More Time

Соответственно, предлагаю обмен в любом соотношении на другую сольную музыку :) Навскидку из интересовавшего в первой серии -

The Reel Stuff: William Patterson & Gary Forrest
Step in Time: Kathleen and Dom Lavin
Right on Time: Niall Mulligan
Time to Dance 2: Hayden, Mohan, McGrath, O'Connor, Kelly & McGlynn

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