Michael Voskoboinikov (meriadoc_1171) wrote,
Michael Voskoboinikov

Меня очень прет тот факт, что музыкант, который будет на нордик фэше, возглавляет в своей Шотландии не что нибудь, а скоттиш данс бэнд :)

William Paterson Scottish dance band.
William Paterson - (lead accordion)
Seamus O'Sullivan - (Piano)
Gary Forrest - (Second Accordion)
Bill Buchan - (Drums)

(taken from the box and fiddle magazine) - Guest artists this month were William Paterson on lead accordion, Gary Forest on second box and Seamus O' Sullivan on piano with Bill Buchan on drums. They provided an outstanding performance of traditional music from Scotland and Ireland, which included some of William's own compositions. An added bonus for the crowd that night was Eualia Stewart with traditional Irish Dancing, a superb night all round.

William's band can be seen playing at most Accordion and Fiddle clubs throughout the UK

ps Рой, поехали с нами! Зазнакомишься, в Питер зазовешь.. :)

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